contact (Studio):
pa [at] konradsmolenski [dot] com

audio object
sizes variable
226 × 790 × 80 cm / 340 × 500 × 100 cm
amplified loudspeakers, sound

Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz collection


• EVIL HIDDEN BLACK @ Stereo gallery Poznań PL
• THERE'S NO GOD @ Piktogram Warsaw PL
• JOURNEY AROUND THE SKULL @ CSW Zamek Ujazdowski Warsaw PL


There’s No God is a curved wall made up of a number of massive, black and tattered loudspeakers which bring to mind a stereo sound system. Just like on stage, the object is set up before each presentation, so that its parameters can be adapted to a given venue. After all of the elements have been connected, the assembly gives out a characteristic, monotonous hiss, or “dirty” electrical noise caused by poor quality of the components and high amplification without a source of signal.